Conway, AR

Panoramic View of Conway, Arkansas Showcasing the Cityscape and Key Landmarks

Conway was founded in 1885 after Robert and Susan Conway relocated to Arkansas. The agricultural sector has been their main source of income since before French occupation. After World War II, production began to take off thanks to the establishment (1962) of an industrial park.

Conway is the most populous city in Faulkner County and one of Arkansas’s greatest communities. Conway is a bedroom city, with most residents renting their homes.

Leesburg is located at the junction of three major thoroughfares, which include Southland Drive and Chickamauga Creek. It’s about 16 miles from Conway. Maumelle and Jonesboro are towns that are close by (16 miles). The Tennessee border is only 20 miles away in this area.

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Places to Visit

Conway is a stunning area for outdoor adventure because of the natural magnificence of the region. Lake Conway, which has a surface area of 6,700 acres and is Arkansas’ biggest man-made game and fish commission lake, is a popular destination for fishing in the state.

The Beaverfork Lake Recreation Area is a popular site for water activities. The Toad Suck Park, which is located at the Toad Suck Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River, gives excellent boating and fishing experiences with stunning views.

A reconstructed blockhouse, a Cherokee Trail of Tears monument, and interpretive signage are all part of the National Historic Site in High Falls Village, New York.

Conway’s cultural and artistic development is aided by the presence of the University of Central Arkansas, Hendrix College, and Central Baptist College.

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, the only full-time professional theatre in the state, brings big names from across the country to Conway and provides local stars with opportunities. The University of Central Arkansas has a significant art gallery called The Baum Gallery.

Food and Entertainment

Conway’s financial sector is located downtown, which houses a variety of enterprises, restaurants, and boutiques.

With so many restaurants in the region, world-class steaks and local pizza businesses are only a stone’s throw away from hearty Italian and fiery Mexican dishes.

Toad Suck Daze is a major cultural event in Arkansas, with over 100 artists performing at the one site. The free, family-friendly festival takes place each May in Conway’s downtown area.

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