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Dr. Merissa Beard

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Chiropractor Gently Performing Chiropractic Treatment on an Infant at a Clinic

Chiropractic care is not just for adults. Chiropractors are a few types of medical professionals specializing in helping infants with their spinal health. Infant chiropractic care can help to reduce or eliminate colic, reflux, and other digestive problems while also improving sleep patterns. The best part? Babies love it! That’s why the Beard Family Chiropractic provides services for infants that suffer from these ailments or for those mothers who wish to prevent their kids from getting such illnesses.

How muscle pain affects your baby

Chiropractic Professional Consulting with a Parent about Infant Muscle Pain in a Clinic

Torticollis is a common medical condition where the neck muscles are too tight and restrict movement of an infant’s head to one side or another, which chiropractors can treat. This is typically done for children under 18 months old who have difficulty nursing due to pain in their necks from Torticollis. Still, it could happen with older kids as well if they suffer scoliosis or kyphosis (both abnormalities of the spine).

Congenital Muscular Torticollis is when muscle contractions cause this deformity. If an infant suffers from Torticollis, the neck muscles can become shortened or contracted, making the head tilt to one side. And it’s most common in children due to tightness around your child’s SCM (superior cranial-mandibular) joint caused by their body tissue that has grown too quickly for them to stretch out naturally through use as an infant (abnormal growth). 

What is chiropractic care for infants?

Chiropractor Demonstrating Gentle Infant Care Techniques in a Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractors can use their hands and even specific instruments to deliver gentle adjustments that realign an infant’s spine when experiencing pain or difficulty with day-to-day movements like sitting, crawling, rolling over, or sleeping on their stomachs. Chiropractors adjust children under one-year-old using a “drop table,” – which allows them to safely lay down without fear of injury from being dropped onto hard surfaces. They may also be able to make this adjustment in your arms as you hold your baby (which, yes, makes it very easy!).

A gentle adjustment of the spine helps to remove pressure on nerve roots which can cause a variety of symptoms. What’s more, adjusting an infant’s spine provides relief from pain caused by birth trauma and corrects any misalignment present during pregnancy. This process promotes healing in the body and improves overall function.

In a world of too many choices, it can be hard to know which one is best for your baby. You may wonder if chiropractic care would be beneficial for them. Choosing to have your infant get their spine adjusted by a doctor of chiropractic has been proven to help with colic, ear infections, and other common ailments that infants experience.

How chiropractic treatment helps babies 

Chiropractic Professional Treating a Baby in a Clinic, Illustrating Chiropractic Care for Infants

If your baby is under 18 months and has difficulty nursing due to pain in their neck, talk with your chiropractor about treatment. 

Before you dismiss the idea of taking your kids to see a chiropractor, consider this. After a recent survey on the benefits that children experienced from being adjusted by a doctor of chiropractic, here are some fantastic results: 100% felt more energetic, and 98% enjoyed feeling more relaxed – all because they were able to have their spines straightened out.

Chiropractors are specialists who diagnose and treat spinal problems. They can help relieve the pressure on nerves in the spine that cause leg numbness, tingling sensations, or weakness. Your child’s chiropractor may recommend keeping a log of when he/she displays symptoms so they know how often adjustments need to be made.

They will also teach you ways to avoid triggering episodes initially, like laying your infant down for naps and sleep at night on their stomach instead of back or side, not propping your baby up to sleep if they are struggling with reflux, and avoid using any devices like swings, bouncy seats, or vibrating chairs that pressure the spine when crying and inconsolable.

Benefits of Chiropractic care for infants

Infant Receiving Gentle Chiropractic Treatment in a Clinic Environment

The American Chiropractic Association reported that over 70% of infants are treated with conventional medical care for insomnia and colic without success. According to a study by Drs. Margaret Horton-Salway and Janet Hetzel, chiropractors, are often successful in treating these symptoms, which can be caused by misalignment from birth or injury later on. Infant chiropractor offers natural treatment such as gentle adjustments aimed at restoring spine’s original curves, massage therapy to reduce stress around joints, cranial-sacral therapy to release pressure on the skull where nerves exit the brainstem into the spinal cord; all combined to help develop better posture and balance during sleep thus alleviating discomfort resulting from poor postures.

Chiropractic adjustments also remove blockages at the neurological level, helping your child to feel better and function more optimally; Reduce stress on joints which can lead to painful conditions as they grow older- like arthritis and joint pain, support the healthy development of a baby’s nervous system and spine, improve digestion and elimination, and can give your baby a more comfortable sitting position so that they can enjoy playtime without pain or fussiness.

Studies also show that babies with subluxations (misalignments) can take twice as long to reach developmental milestones like crawling and walking compared to those without spinal problems. 

Chiropractic care can help babies feel better and function more optimally. Moreover, chiropractic adjustments are safe for your infant- no drugs or anesthesia are required to adjust the spinal column; only gentle pressure is used during an adjustment which most children find to be calming.

Chiropractic care was found to be more effective for treating ear infections and tube blockages than medical treatment. It has been theorized that the gentle correction stimulates movement in the eustachian tubes through muscle reflexes, thus helping them drain properly. The adjustment also stimulates pressure points in the body, alleviating any discomfort or pain felt by your babies. Regular treatments also help prevent future infections by keeping the muscles surrounding the Eustachian Tubes flexible and responsive to sudden changes in air pressure.

It also helps boost the immune system as well. The early adjustment will help prevent future problems for your child. A good start in life would make it more likely that you’ll have a healthier immune system later on. It has been shown that patients who have received chiropractic treatment early on may have an increased chance of living with lower pain levels, increased range of motion, and a better quality of life. The nervous system, which encompasses and is spread all over the entire body, is the central communication and relay system. Any issue that will involve the spine, the muscles, and the nerves can cause the body to not function normally. Babies might suffer from an ear infection, gastro-intestinal function, as mentioned before.

Expected Questions in Infant Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor Consulting with Parents about Infant Chiropractic Care, Addressing Common Questions

Chiropractic treatment: Is it safe for my baby? The definitive answer is yes. Chiropractors are specially trained individuals who offer a gentler approach for infants, safe, effective, and drug-free. Chiropractor’s treatment isn’t as scary or painful as it sounds–neither is it unsafe either. There will be some use of force for adults but not so much with children who require gentle adjustments.

Is it painful for my baby? Infant chiropractic treatment is just gentle manipulation to relieve your baby from pain and discomfort. More often than not, your baby cannot feel the adjustment because of the soft touches of the experienced chiropractor. 

What should I expect on my 1st visit? The initial consultation is a comprehensive examination that will involve taking your child’s history to assess their current health and any past illnesses, testing the reflexes of all limbs to determine where there might be an injury or weakness, checking for possible neurological defects which would indicate seizures or other brain disorders. This assessment may also include head to toe physical assessment to identify the problem and even blood tests such as cholesterol levels and hemoglobin count.

The information you have provided from the examination is discussed with you, and it will include an explanation of what treatment will need to be done, how long it might take, and what results can happen. You must have a full understanding together before any decisions about chiropractic treatment are started. 

Remember, chiropractic care goes hand in hand with medical care. This treatment plays an essential role in supporting and strengthening the nervous system, boosting your immune system, and even helping to create a healthy pregnancy. If you have been unsuccessful with traditional treatments for what is troubling you or if this is your first baby, chiropractic treatment may be a viable option for you. It is recommended that expectant mothers come to see a chiropractor at least once during their pregnancy to be helped in the preparation and possible before giving birth.

In the end, chiropractic care is an investment in your child’s future. Chiropractors have shown that they can help babies and children grow up to be happy, healthy adults- so it only makes sense for parents to invest their time and money into a treatment that will pay off with such great dividends! If traditional methods are not helping your baby or toddler feel better, don’t hesitate to reach out to Beard Family Chiropractic in Conway, AR, today.

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