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If you are one of the many people who suffer from lower back pain, core exercises can help bring some relief. However, you must consider that there are several factors involved in low-back pain.

These factors include overuse or muscle strain due to injuries to muscles, ligaments, and discs which support your spine. If lower back pain persists for an extended period without treatment, tingling sensations and numbness will develop, making walking difficult.

How can core exercises be beneficial in lower back pain?

Core exercises help us with more than just six-packs and toning the abdomen. By developing strong abdominal muscles, we can prevent back pain by encouraging proper spine alignment. Besides, core strengthening will also reduce back injuries since your body won’t rely so much on other structures to provide stability when it’s needed.

When you have a weak lower back, having a stronger core is helpful. A strong core lessens the strain on the areas prone to injury. Not only does it prevent severe injuries from arising, but it also helps improve your posture and alleviate pain.

Beard Family Chiropractic provides individualized exercise plans to strengthen your core muscles. Dr. Merissa Bread and Dr. Brian Beard can diagnose your injury and recommend exercises geared towards fixing it. If low back pain becomes persistent for over two weeks, consult with a chiropractor or any medical professional.

Furthermore, the following are some of the benefits of having a strong core through stretching and exercise routines:

  • Pain Reduction – Research has shown that core stability exercises are more effective in reducing pain and disability compared to no treatment, regular medical treatments, education, or general exercise for people with low back pain.
  • Increases Stability – Individuals with lower back pain are less likely to activate their core. Thus, it leads to decreased strength in their abdominals when they try hard enough. Strengthening abdominal exercises can not only improve spinal stability but also reduce low back pain if done continuously over a long period.
  • Improves Postures – Sitting up straight is an excellent way to keep your spine healthy. Weak core muscles contribute to that awkward slouching position, but training these muscle groups can help with this too. Recent research showed some positive effects from working out those abs and back muscles when it comes to posture. You might be surprised at how much better you feel after just a few sessions.
lower back pain
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Core Strengthening Exercises

Dr. Beard provides the following general core strengthening exercises. However, please be informed that these might not be the most appropriate exercise routine for you. It is best to consult us at Beard Family Chiropractic to assess and provide the best exercise regimen just for you.

Abdominal Bracing

Lie on your back and tighten those abs. Push a little deeper into the area just under your hips, where you might feel some tension inching up towards your stomach- that’s what we want to release with these exercises. Breathe deeply as you do this exercise. Repeat ten times and complete two sets daily.

Lower Back Rotational Stretches

This back rotational stretch is excellent for relieving tension in the lower back and trunk. It also gently works your core muscles, which can improve stability over time.

Lie back on the floor with bent knees and feet flat on the ground. Keeping your shoulders firmly pressed against it, gently roll both legs over to one side. Hold for 5-10 seconds before rolling them back onto their original position; repeat this 2-3 times per leg twice a day.


The back is an important part of the body, and maintaining a strong posture can be difficult. The muscles on either side of your spine are called extensors, and it’s these exercises that keep you upright – or standing tall, as they say! Weakness in this area could cause issues with proper spinal support. Luckily, there is one exercise to rule them all -The Superman.

Lie down on the ground, stretch your arms in front of you and keep your legs flat. Slowly raise both hands as far as they can go without lifting off the floor while keeping all other parts of the body firmly planted to avoid injury from straining any muscles. Keep looking at a fixed point to prevent neck stress or full muscle failure during this exercise phase. Hold for two seconds, then return to starting position after ten repetitions are completed.

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